Wednesday, 11 August 2010

11th August - Pink Pink Sunshine!

The Sunshine was back today :-)

This outfit started off with my pink/white/green flowery skirt instead of the linen trousers, but I looked in the mirror and it felt a little heavy on the pink, with an extra side order of pink, so I swapped out the skirt and added the necklace!

As it happens I was in an employment law update in an air conditioned meeting room all morning, so the extra covering on my legs was appreciated!

The necklace got lots of positive comments today, I so should have just got on and worn it the other day! One day I'll just go there!

Shoes: Tesco
Trousers: Next
T-Shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Necklace: holiday


Sheila said...

You look great in that shade of pink - the necklace is a stunner!

SHOEGAL said...

I think your grey trousers would have been better with this, but the pink is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sheila :-)

Good idea Fi - I've not been brave enough to try them on yet - they were tight before holiday, and I don't want to face the truth of those holiday lbs yet!

MarinJ said...

I like either the pink top OR the pink shoes. Having them together is too matchy-matchy.