Thursday, 12 August 2010

12th August - Feeling Long and Lean!

There's a definite autumnal feeling in the days at the moment, which I find quite depressing, and today I didn't even bother trying to cheer it up with a bit of colour! (apart from the shoes!)

I did feel tall and slim today though, and even got a couple of comments about whether I had lost more weight at work today, which I sadly haven't! (there's 5 holiday lbs that need shifting!)

One of the girls at work did ask me if my shoes were "nude" today though! I must have a mustard yellow tan :-$

In fact, the dull outfit was much commented on, as the necklace got several more comments today too!

Trousers: Dorothy Perkins
Top: M&S
Shoes: New Look


Sheila said...

This is a fabulous outfit, Tat - you do look long and lean!

Anonymous said...

Very classy! I like it a lot.


MarinJ said...

I like parts of this outfit. I like the black, I like the necklace. But...honestly I don't like shoes. It's good to have a pop of color, but I don't think this one is quite working.