Monday, 16 August 2010

16th August - Moaning Monday

Normal service will resume shortly.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Cardi and Beads: Matalan
Shoes: Next
Hair in desperate need of a cut: All mine, until Wednesday!


Cat said...

Humph, there are some people that just aren't so good with the tact!

That dress is an *amazing* colour, and though you're probably right that the outfit itself could be nudged a little it still looks good. What about the same outfit but with full length tights & boots/heels in winter? Or maybe even as is but without the necklace so there's a little less going on between your waist and that fab smile of yours?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cat - here's a link to it just as you describe!

shelley said...

I think you are getting more stylish all the time.

I'd lose the belt and/or necklace -no belt = more cakes

Anonymous said...

Cheers Shelley :D No more cakes required though ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, some peole should really keep their mind to themselves...
I though all the colors look so great and the leggings were a great idea to.Maybe if you took out the belt you wouldn't have so many lines going on.And it would be superfab :)

Maggie said...

I'm thinking the co worker feels close enough to you to tell you the truth.
It such a beautiful outfit, I think it would have been better with stocking then those gorgeous high heels you have..