Tuesday, 17 August 2010

17th August - Calling Summer......

Has anyone seen Summer? I'm sure I've got the date wrong - it's supposed to be the middle of August, the height of summer. We're supposed to be barbecuing, and picnicking, and eating al fresco, going to the beach, topping up my tan with a book in the sunshine, and skipping in meadows (I might be pushing it a bit with the last one, but you know what I'm getting at!).

But what we're doing is wondering whether I should stick my denim jacket on to get to work, and wearing closed shoes rather than sandals to avoid getting wet toes on the walk to work!

Dress: George at Asda (via ebay)
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: New Look (via ebay)


Melissa said...

I LOVE those shoes and that dress is just gorgeous on you! Such a great print too.

Feel free to switch seasons with me - it's been close to 100 degrees here!

Sheila said...

This look is amazing on you, Tat! That belt is at exactly the right spot.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Melissa - and I would happily switch seasons with you! (as long as I can have air con and a swimming pool/beach!)

Cheers Sheila :D I'm never quite sure where to put my belt - S teases me when I put it higher ("boob belt"), but my natural waist is in such a strange place I don't normally like to belt it!