Monday, 23 August 2010

23rd August - Bleurgh

It rained all of last night, absolutely poured down - but I braved it outside in the last of the drizzle for my photos this morning.

I spent ages sitting in front of my wardrobe this morning trying to think of what to wear - I'm seriously suffering from ISWD (Intra-seasonal wardrobe disorder) - I'm wanting to be wearing summer skirts and vest tops, but it's not warm enough, but it's not cold enough for warm tights, boots and scarves.

And I'm feeling fat - I've not managed to shift the holiday lbs on my own, so I'm going back to weightwatchers online to help me out!

I'm all ready for the exciting competition - so watch this space!

Shoes: Sainsburys
Trousers: Dorothy Perkins
Shirt: Gap
Cardi: Next

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