Thursday, 5 August 2010

4th August - Thud!

Yes people, that's the sound of me crashing back down to earth! After 3 weeks of wearing not alot more than a bikini and sunscreen, today was an almighty struggle!

The holiday was wonderful - the weather beautiful, we relaxed by the pool or on the beach most days, reading books (the Millenium Trilogy was my holiday reading - highly recommended!), other days we saw the sights, we ate and drank what and when we liked, and are all generally so laid back we were almost horizontal!

I'll do outfit posts for the 2 days I've been back at work, then I'll post a quick holiday round-up - not alot of outfits to post though!

Anyway, back to work, and temperatures 15 degrees less than I was used to and rain forecast, so I went for an longer sleeved option!

Cardi: Next
Shirt: Gap
Skirt: Tesco
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Necklace: "The Lava Shop" at the airport!


Melissa said...

I really love the simplicity of the black and white with a pop of color in the cardi, and that color is great on you.

Those shoes look insanely comfortable and oh, so cute, too!

Sheila said...

Welcome back, Tat! Love the shoes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ladies - I ummed and ahhed about these shoes - they were £30 in a sale, which is more than I normally spend on shoes, and I didn't *need* any new black shoes at the time, but I went for them anyway - that was January 2009, and I have had soo much wear out of them they were worth every penny - the leather is still in perfect nick, and it's only when you see they inner sole that you realise they've had so much wear!