Friday, 6 August 2010

6th August - Chilly!

Although I've only done 3 days at work this week it seems like a mighty long week - so I went for comfort this morning!

It's still chilly!

Dress: TK Maxx
Cardi: Matalan
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins


Alecia said...

A little late in welcoming you back home- glad to "see" you again. Marvel at your ability to scale down your vacation wardrobe -coming from a chronic overpacker-it's those layers that I might need.

You look superfit in your photos-especially wearing the tank and shorts.

The cut of today's dress is very flattering to you. Like how the skirt portion is not overwhelming your small frame.

Sheila said...

Very pretty - you look great in that pinky colour.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the welcombe back Alecia - I do feel like I've never been away, although it was only a week ago! Personnally I think the camera is lying in the "tank and shorts" shot - I'm definitely not actually that tiny!

Cheers Sheila - I love this cardi - so many people comment on it - I've not ever had anything this colour since I was a toddler!