Sunday, 15 August 2010

Boots Smooth Skin - Final Review

OK, I gave it my best shot!

Initially I was pleased with the results - after around 12 weekly initially then fortnightly sessions I was really seeing a difference - I was only shaving my legs every week or so, and the regrowth was decidedly patchy - result, I thought!

Now, 2 months on after stopping my regular sessions, regrowth is back to normal, and I'm back to shaving every other day to keep the jungle at bay.

Long and the short of it - don't bother, save your £300 quid and hours of your life - learn from my mistakes.

I do notice that Phillips have a similar looking device that only promises to "slow down regrowth" - if this is all the Boots Smooth Skin promised then you'd get exactly that, but permanent hair removal? Nope, not from this machine.

I hope this review helps someone save some time and cash - let me know of your experiences or if this review is helpful at all!


Kate said...

I've never heard of the boots smooth skin, but now I'll definitely be checking it out.

Beauty Tips For Face said...

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