Wednesday, 1 September 2010

1st September - High, high heels!

I wore the shoes from my Tesco Competition (still not too late to enter - you've got until Friday to get your entry in!) today, and I have to say, as beautiful as they are, they are extremely, extremely high!

I'm a size 7, and I really feel like I am tottering in them - anyone with smaller feet would probably be virtually on tip-toes - they are 5 inches, with only a relatively small platform. I wore them on the 5 minute walk from the car park to work, deciding that I just needed practice walking in them, and they are relatively comfortable, but they are just very hard to walk in!

I did get lots of comments about them today though - all sorts of "awesome" "gorgeous" "fantastic", and alot of "how on earth do you walk in them?" questions! I wasn't in fear of my ankles until I walked round the rather polished hospital corridors, where the heels kept slipping out from underneath me!

I will be wearing them again, but I think I'll save them for occasions where I'm just supposed to be looking tall and pretty, and not a lot of functional walking is actually required!

Dress: South -
Belt: M&S
Shoes: Tesco (gifted)

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Melissa said...

I love them! I couldn't wear them to work because we're not allowed to wear any kind of open toe shoes but I'd definitely wear them for nights out!

That dress is gorgeous on you too!