Tuesday, 21 September 2010

20th September - a Tale of Two Outfits

Yesterday morning I started with this outfit.

Then I reviewed my picture, and decided that the bottom part of the top (it's an all-in-one thingy) was too long and flappy.

So I decided to try tucking the long, flappy bit. Then I reviewed my picture, and decided that something didn't look right.

So I decided to.....

go and get changed!

Shirt and Trousers: Next
Cardi: Matalan
Shoes: Sainsburys

Did I make the right decision?

And today, Tuesday, I completely forgot to take my picture, and now I'm looking rather dull in jeans and a jumper!


Sheila said...

I would have gone with the white shirt from the second outfit instead of the way-too-long one in the first outfit.

Anonymous said...

The first top is just one top, not separates - but you've given me the idea that I could just cut the shirt bits off the tank, and then just wear it over a normal length shirt!

I have a plan! And I don't actually think I'll wear it as it is!