Friday, 24 September 2010

24th September - "wear it red" dress down friday

Today was a chilly day, and a dress down Friday, and I was on health and safety training all morning, so comfort was the name of the game!

Red top: Doroth Perkins
Flowery Top: QS
Jeans: Next
Boots: Clarks


Jennifer said...

I think the top is too shapeless for you - in contrast to the jeans which make your legs look fab! :)

Anonymous said...

ditch the flowery top and keep the red shirt

Anonymous said...

My original plan was just to wear the red top, but I pulled it on and it's great big deodorant marks on the front of it - and by this stage I didn't have time to do anything other than shove something over the top!

Any top tips for getting deodorant marks out, as I quite agree with you both!

style underdog said...

Hey Tat, thanks for the comment. I have no problem with my son living over on your side of the pond. There is always SKYPE. Besides, it will make for great vacations.

No tips for the deodorant marks, sorry. Where is the black new jacket? It would look BA with those boots!

Yvonne said...

donate that flowery top or use it as nightwear or something.

I adore the jeans and boots on you ..

Jennifer said...

Sure Crystal Pure deodorant - best I know for not leaving white marks in the first place! :)

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking ladies - people often comment on the flowery top being a lovely top, but nobody every says I look lovely! Very telling perhaps!

It's not going back in my wardrobe! Goodbye flowery top!

Style underdog - the jacket did look BA when I left the house - it's my autumn outerwear :-) Come back tomorrow when I'm planning some seriously BA boots!