Tuesday, 28 September 2010

28th September - Full on Winter!

Forget transitional wardrobes! I'm either "summer" or "winter" lol! bring on the tights and boots I say :-)

Shirt: Next
Skirt: Tesco
Cardi: Asda
Beads: Sainsburys
Boots: M&S

Opinion is very much split down the middle (exactly 50/50 last time I looked) on yesterdays "brogues, again!" post - so please vote, because I'm hopeless at making a decision, and that's what it's currently looking like I'm going to have to do lol!


Alecia said...

have you tried this with your unpicked vestie??? or belting the cardigan or the white blouse- if you lived close by I would lend you my red, black and white scarf to use around your neck and zebra belt to experiment with.

like the look- I would try to jazz it up a bit- maybe textured tights- not all of these at the same time- but just something to change it up a bit.

jealous you are already in boots and tights and a sweater- 70ish here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ideas - I did try a belt but just couldn't decide so went without in the end - I need to be braver! The zebra belt sounds fantastic! (and the tights did have a pattern on them - not obvious in the pics!)