Thursday, 2 September 2010

2nd September - New Frock and a Smile

The sun is shining again, and temps are back up to just over 20 once more, so it was the first official outing of the Tesco Competition Frock today! (you've still got until tomorrow midday to enter to win yourself £30 to spend on Tesco Clothing!)

I'm thinking the camera may be slightly on the blink - everything is looking a bit blue!

And the reason behind the big smile - the scales this morning declared that, thanks to weightwatchers online (and finally a bit of will power on my part) the holiday baggage has been lost! Just got the few pounds that had crept on since June to shift now! I'm not panicking overly, but I'm determined not to just let the weight creep back on, and if it means a few weeks of counting points it's definitely worth it :-)

Dress and Cardi: Tesco
Shoes and Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Strange child in the background: Model's Own!


Sheila said...

I like your daughter peeking in the 3rd picture!

You look great, Tat - that belt is perfect.

Good for you for getting back on track. I know I feel very panicky when a pound or two creeps back on. I'm so fearful of going back to where I was.

Jennifer said...

I like the big belt, and the way all the black bits (cardy/shoes/belt) go together and let the dress zing :)

Alecia said...

great belt - good for you ditching those pesky holiday pounds- i am the same way- feel it is best to keep track of my weight to avoid major gain.