Tuesday, 7 September 2010

7th September - Last days of summer

The weather is most differently turning, so I'm trying to get in a last few wears of the summer stuff before I move into autumnal mode!

I will be able to wear the yellow shoes with trousers, but I'm thinking I won't be wearing them tights, so I stuck them on today for fun! The cardi has added a somewhat frumpy look to this dress that I'm not overly happy about.

Dress: Very.co.uk
Belt and Cardi: M&S
Shoes: New Look, via ebay

And finally, for a change, here are my girls on their first day back at school yesterday - it's so nice to get them back into uniform to avoid that daily "what should I wear" discussion!

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SHOEGAL said...

You can definintely wear the yellow shoes with tights - they'll look great over black tights.

Try putting the belt over your cardi so the cardi doesn't hide your waist.