Monday, 27 September 2010

Brogues, again!

A friend forced me to have a browse through the latest next catalogue yesterday, and I saw some straight leg jeans I really liked the look of, so after work today I headed into our biggest local store to have a look for them.

I found them (you'll see them in a minute!), and also came across these. Those of you who've been reading for a while will remember me asking, not so very long ago, for your opinion on them. Rhian is currently "working" a pair of leather brogues for her school shoes, and I was still very much debating whether to get some for myself.

These patent models caught my eye.

So I bought them, and brought them home to try on with various outfits, with the option to take them back if I change my mind.

First I started with work trousers - I like them with this outfit - although my face isn't looking so pretty (has anyone else smelt Bearded Dragon poo?! - this is the face you pull if that smell has just hit your nostrils!)

Please bear in mind that these are not fully thought out outfits, just grabbed from my wardrobe to try on with the shoes!

From reviewing the pictures that only thing I have concluded is that I definitely wouldn't wear them with the red skirt - I think they would strictly be trousers or above the knee skirts only, if I keep them! But I still really don't know!

Have a vote people, and let me know! (and I've only given you 2 choices - so there's not sitting on the fence here!)

Brogues, should they stay, or should they go?
Step away from the brogues - leave them to the teenager!
I like them - keep them! free polls

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