Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Competition Winner!

Kira and I have just spent ages looking through all 14 entries for the Tesco Competition!

We were very excited to see what you had all chosen for me - some of you seem to know me very well!

There were several runner-ups, and while they don't win a prize, I definitely think they deserve a mention.

Style Underdog came up with a fabulous outfit: Red Belted Mac (£15), Super Skinnies (£7.50), stripped jumper (£7.00), and suggest wearing that with the grey shoe boots I've already. Top outfit, and close to being a winner, but she's not in the UK :-( Thanks Style Underdog - that is a look I will definitely be trying to pull together myself!

Shoegal came up with a smashing outfit, the same dress I had on, but in purple and the same shoe boots, but in pink! She topped this off with a lovely short sleeved bolero cardi in pink. Loved the outfit and the colours (so much so that I had actually asked Tesco to surprise me and choose between Fi's selection and the turquoise/grey outfit I had on!), but I was looking for something slightly different :-)

Jennifer, the Cycling Mayor, chose a fabulous camo print dress and snake skin sandals which is definitely an outfit I would wear - great choices, and very close to the winner!

And the winner? Drum roll please............

TequilaMonkey who choose a fantastic block colour shift dress (which is sadly no longer available, but was a shift dress with black sides, and a big block of white vertically down the middle), the elasticated high heeled sandals I already own, an eyelet clutch bag, and she still had money left over for a pink trilby for each of the girls! Good shopping!

Congratulations TequilaMonkey - let me know your details, and I will arrange for your prize to be sent to you! Perhaps you could send me a photo of you wearing whatever you choose for yourself to go on the blog? :-)

And to everyone else - thank you so much for reading my blog, and for entering the competition, it's been great fun looking at all your ideas.


Tequilamonky said...

Squeeeeeeaaaaaalllll! I can't believe I won! I just did that squeal out loud too ;-)
I'll send you my details and will definitely send you a photo of the result! Might even put it on my blog too!
Wow! That was just what I needed after a long hard day! Thank you so very very much!

Jennifer said...

Darn...so close! *grin*