Monday, 6 September 2010

New Jacket - Part B

After an overwhelming "Send it straight back to the shop" vote for the turquoise cord swingy style jacket, I'm trying again! (and I had to try again quickly, as the denim jacket went to the charity shop on Saturday, and this morning I was cold!)

So here we go - new casual jacket, Part B!

So I ask again - should it stay, or should it go?!

So, new Jacket - Part B - Should it:
Take it's place on my coat hooks?
Take a hike straight back to the shop? free polls


Yvonne said...

Love it!

Jennifer said...

Much better! And, boring though it be to consider such things, black goes with everything so you'll get more use out of it. :)

Sheila said...

This one is better - it shows your shape.

BTW, it's "its" (no apostrophe) unless you intend to say "it is". :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone - and Sheila - I do know that really, I must have been having a crazy moment!