Friday, 3 September 2010

Should it stay or should it go?

Found this little jacket on the clearance rail at TK Maxx - and I've been looking for a replacement for the too big denim jacket for a while.

This caught my eye as one of the problems I find with my denim jacket is not being able to wear it with my jeans (which are my casual wardrobe staple!) - I'm not "into" double denim I'm afraid - I did it alot back in the day, but no more! Makes me feel like a member of Status Quo!

So this is a turquoise (the colour doesn't show up very well here, but it's really quite lovely), fully lined lovely soft cord, with big silver buttons.

But it's the shape.........

So, trusty readers: Should it stay, or should it go?

Should the jacket:
Stay and take it's place on my coat peg?
Take a hike straight back to the shop? free polls


Alecia said...

like the color a lot- i would prefer more shape to the jacket- perhaps take in the side seams a little???? not sure if you alter things yourself. myself-would prefer a little longer length.

being that it is a cord jacket- means casual to me - although could be dressed up a notch.- you have a cute and colorful jacket (clearance) that can be accessorized to detract from it's lack of shape- cute scarf maybe- and try it with a top that is longer than the jacket for a different look. try it over some over your dresses as well-try ALL your colors- you might be surprised.

Sahra said...

Think a longer jacket would be nicer and more flattering for you. Agree - this one is a bit of a funny shape, can't quite put my finger on it but think it's too short and goes out too much.

Jennifer said...

Take it back! It hangs completely wrong - it seems to start tenting just about your boobs and then just hangs down and hides all your gorgeous hard earned shape! And it's wider than your shoulders and the collar is wrong to boot! I also thing that the colour is too much - too much block colour next to the skin - it makes you look a bit washed out. I think you could say I don't like it...*grin*.

Yvonne said...

honestly when i saw the sideish view i thought "preggers?".

Its okay .. but I think something more fitted, a bit more tailored and something a bit longer (the length seems off).

i like the colour

Sorry, i know when one doesn't have much good to say not to say it.

However the fact your asking says much to me. If you loved it the question wouldn't be being asking the question.

Keep the buttons and replace them with something else if you thrift it. The buttons are cool

emma said...

I think the colours lovely on you.
The fabric sounds nice.
Maybe you could have fun adding a narrow belt over it or rock that shape as it could be your "cape" which is a big trend this autumn.

Have fun with it, play on it's lack of structure.

Wendy said...

I would have to echo some of Yvonne's comments ... I think a jacket more fitted - you have such a stunning figure and this looks a little preggos or frumpish. But then as another comment - maybe a belt and different buttons could give a totally new look.

Sheila said...

This shape only looks good if you have no boobs. Glad you took it back!

Anonymous said...

It went back to the shop :-)

(and I discovered when I took it back that it had been further reduced from £45, to the £15 I bought it for, to £9 today!)