Friday, 1 October 2010

1st October - Holy Grail!

I don't know how long I've been looking for the perfect stripey top, but it's been a while! I'm drawn to stripes in shops - I could have bought about 58 stripey tops, but I'm quite restrained (ahem!)

This one is good, but 3/4 sleeves means it's a bit limited in it's wear - it has to be quite warm, but I do like the boat neck! This one came close too, but I never feel quite right in it - I think the neck is too high for me, and the stripes a bit narrow.

Yesterday I came across this one in Sainsburys (remember everything is still 25% off!) and decided to give in and buy another in my search for the holy grail - a good stripey jumper, which suits me! In theory it should be good - it's got a deep round neck, which works for me, it's longer in the body to balance me out, it has long sleeves, which are long enough for my arms. It's actually black and white, rather than navy, so I feel I can more easily wear it with black boots.

What do you think? Can I stop my search? Have I found "it"?!

In case you were wondering, today we did Jeans for Genes at work as a extra, as well as our normal "dress down day" on the last Friday of each month.

Boots: Barretts
Jeans: Next
Top and Scarf: Sainsburys


Jo said...

The top is fantastic - I think you have found "the one"! You look amazing in the whole outfit - great combo - you look very long and lean!

emma said...

Love the contrast between top and scarf- thumbs up!

Cat said...

Love it! That outfit creates a lovely line - you look very chic.

style underdog said...

This is very cool.

Anonymous said...

Thank you ladies, I thought I'd found a winner :D

Sheila said...

Great top - and I love this outfit overall!