Wednesday, 6 October 2010

6th October - The Brogues are back in town!

After taking the too big patent brogues back last week (the poll vote was pretty much 50/50!), I was keenly awaiting the arrival of my Clarks Crepe Brogues that I ordered online, for store delivery, last Thursday.

Yesterday I got the text to say they were in, and I rushed down to the shop to collect them!

And today I actually wore them!

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Purple Top: M&S
Shoes: Clarks
Belt: nicked from Kira!

p.s. I've given up on the new updater, and gone back to the original until I can work out how to get photos the way I want them!


Jennifer said...

Ordered stuff from Next. It arrived today. And it's all going back :( And it all looked so good in the catalogue... Ah well, guess I have to do more shopping now! *grin*

emma said...

Ooo I love that dress! Has it got a pinstripe effect?

Anonymous said...

Oh no Jen - I must say I find Next sizing difficult to judge - I always need to try jeans on as I never know if my usual size is going to fit - sometimes it does, others there is no way that button is going to meet the hole! I usually don't look at the catalogue - too tempting, and the clothes always look great on stick insects in exotic surroundings!

But a good excuse to go out shopping, by yourself! :D

Emma - yep, pinstripes - I love it too :D