Thursday, 14 October 2010

Describe your Style in 3 Words

Last month's issue of Red magazine (I'm playing catch up!) had a very interesting article about defining your style in 3 words, and then re-looking at your wardrobe to make sure it fits your style definitions.

Since reading the article I've been trying to think of 3 words to describe my style, and on my way in to work this morning I finally settled on 3 words that I think work for my current wardrobe inclinations!


I like to keep my clothes simple these days. I love the way other people accessorise, add bits and pieces to outfits, and generally bling up an outfit, but I don't think it's for me. Clean lines, no fuss, no nonsense - that's more my "style". I'll pop on a necklace, but I tend to put things on then immediately remove them as they feel too "fussy".


I've never been one for high structure, restrictive clothes. I like to be able to move in my clothes. My wardrobe features a lot of jersey for this very reason!


Slightly out of the ordinary with a nod to the latest trends - I don't want to be wearing the same as everyone else, I like to stand out a bit from the rest of the crowd . I like my hair to have edges, rather than full on "edgy".

What do you think? An accurate reflection? Are there any other (non rude!) words you'd use?

What 3 words would you use to describe your style?

(edited following Sheila's comment - the last word is still open for debate!)

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Sheila said...

I'd say "contemporary" instead of "edgy" - I'm not sure that you're edgy yet (but you're on your way!). You're definitely still honing your style!

For me, I'd say:
- funky
- daring
- experimental