Friday, 22 October 2010

Hello Pretty Thing......

Ever go shopping for something innocuous (like a vase as a housewarming present for your sister) and come out with something so pretty that once you'd clamped eyes on it there was no way it wasn't going to be coming home with you?

I even tried to distract myself by buying a red and silver saucepan, but the pretty red and proper metally silvery bits top called to me from it's rail.

I am going to justify it by telling myself I can wear it to a 40th meal out, over skinnies and my high-heeled boots, in a couple of week's time, and a retirement do I'm going to at the end of December!

Welcome to my wardrobe little red and spangly silver top! That's it, I must stay out of TKMaxx forever more!


Anonymous said...

Dd and I like that a lot :)


Sheila said...

You could also wear it with jeans and a moto jacket - why save it for "good" if you love it this much?