Friday, 15 October 2010

Interesting Stats!

I found some interesting stats of mine earlier today.

When I started my weight loss exercise in July 2008 my waist was 33 inches, hips 40 and I was wearing a 36 inch bra on it's biggest setting.

By the October I had lost 2.5 stone, and my waist was 28 inches and my hips were 36 inches, and I was between a 32 and 34 inch bra size (loosest/tightest fitting respectively!)

Now, 2 years on, and a lot fitter than I was, but half a stone heavier than when I finished, my stats are:

Waist 26.5 inches (!), hips 36 inches, and I'm still somewhere between a 32 and 34 inch bra!

I'm well chuffed that my waist has shrunk, despite being heavier - I hadn't realised that, so the exercise I'm doing must really be paying off!

I also found this terrible picture the other day - this was actually from 3 years ago, when I was half a stone heavier than when I properly started trying to shift the weight for good - and I thought I looked good at the time.

I'm posting this picture here as people often say "oh, you don't need to watch what you eat", or "you're slim, you're lucky" - but I'm not lucky - this photo is proof of what can happen if I don't watch what I eat, and if I don't exercise reguarly.

I am so much happier in my body now than I was then, as well as being so much more confident about my clothes.

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Sheila said...

Wow, it's always interesting to see the "before" shots - you look really different now. Good for you for looking after your health and keeping the weight off, Tat.