Friday, 12 November 2010

12th November - A little bit.... uninspired?

It finally stopped chucking it down this morning, so I decided to wear trousers, as there wasn't the risk of having them flapping wet against my legs all morning!

I'm on a bit of a self-imposed no-shopping time at the moment, and whilst I probably wouldn't have bought much, the thought that I shouldn't is making me a feel a bit glum! I think I need to admit that my name is Katie, and I'm a shopaholic!

Trousers: Next
Top: Dorothy Perkins
Tank: Sainsburys
Shoes: Wallis


Sheila said...

Your name is Katie? Why do you go by Tat?

I like this outfit but you need some accessories! A necklace or scarf, a belt, some earrings!

Anonymous said...

LOL Sheila, I actually thought of you as I typed that thinking "Sheila always refers to me as Tat, have I never used my name here before?"

I generally go by Tat online - it was a childhood nickname, which I just adopted as an online name when I started using forums etc! It is actually a shortened form of "Tatty Gibbon" (just don't ask, I actually don't know!) but at college I used to try and kid people that it was short for my real name of Tatiania lol!

But no, I really am Katie, short for Katharine :-) Do I look like a Katie? :-)