Monday, 15 November 2010

15th November - Return of the spots

Looking back through my archives the other day I realised that my spotty frock hasn't had an outing out of the wardrobe for a little while!

I decided to treat it to a day out today :-) The red belt has also been in my car for many weeks - and out of site is out of mind - so this morning I made a special effort to go out to the car before I got dressed (oh, that was truly a sight for the neighbours!) (re-reading - just to clarify, I was in my pink "grumpy but gorgeous" dressing gown and fluffy slippers!). I also dragged the red flower out of the drawer!

Dress and Belt: Tesco
Top: Dorothy Perkins
Flower: Evans
Shoes: Next


Jennifer said...

you're always so together...which is good...but I kinda wonder sometimes how "you" you are. Like, do you ever want to wear something totally out of left field? If you weren't at work and you wanted to express who you are, and no-one was watching, what would you wear?

Sheila said...

A pretty classic look on you!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer - I'm still thinking on this one! As far as work goes I *am* completely out of left field - standard office "uniform" is black trousers and a v-neck jumper!

I made a conscious decision a little while back to aspire to "yummy mummy" (although "together" is perhaps what I'm actually aiming for!)- although my standard out of work uniform is most definitely jeans.

I'm taking photos of *every* outfit I'm wearing for a week (except my pj's - although I might treat you to one glimpse!), which is not something I usually do - so you can see what I wear even when the world isn't watching!!!

So..... watch this space!

Sheila - thank you - the old faithful spotty frock!