Thursday, 25 November 2010

25th November - Black, and cardigan?

We don't have air conditioning in the office - we have radiators, and we have windows.

Some people in the office are very warm blooded, and like to open the window. Others of us sit in a draft from the door, and are not very warm blooded at all.

In order to keep the peace, we wear layers! (today the cardigan was my reserve item, for when doors and windows were open!)

Had to think carefully about todays outfit, as I was getting my flu jab at work - this outfit was perfect as the dress is lovely and stretchy, and the top has a wide neck, so I could just pull them down over my shoulder.

I do now have a very sore arm though!

Dress: TK Maxx
Shoes: Wallis
Top: Dorothy Perkins
Cardi: Next


Jennifer said...

I thought you weren't wearing dresses this week?! *grin*

Anonymous said...

I'm desperately short of winter work options which aren't dresses! But yes, you're right, I was intending not to wear dresses this week! Let's hope I'm more successful at wearing dresses than not wearing them (grin)