Tuesday, 2 November 2010

2nd November - grey and plum, and a haircut!

I can't really believe it's November - does anyone know where this year has gone?!

Trousers: Next
Tank: Sainsburys
Top: Dorothy Perkins
Jacket: Tesco
Scarf: i am...... boutique

I was scheduled to have my hair trimmed on Thursday, but yesterday I sent an emergency text to my friend and hairdresser Nicky to see if she could squeeze me in as it seems to have grown completely out of control over the weekend! She laughed as I arrived today as she said she thought perhaps it had gone a bit curly around the back or something, but even she was amazed by how crazily it had grown! I also re-did the colour today - once she'd given it a good hack the colour was only left on the fringe! I'm feeling much better for a new splash of colour and a good cut!

1 comment:

Sheila said...

Great cut! I love it. I am just hating my hair lately. I hate the sides.

You have lovely skin.