Saturday, 20 November 2010

Dressember Update!

Things have suddenly taken off!

I mentioned it very briefly on a forum I frequent, and suddenly we have a facebook page and currently 37 people participating in the challenge!

The group's spiel is:

"December 1st marks the beginning of 'Dressember' - the challenge for women (or the adventurous male) everywhere to shake up their wardrobe and try ditching the jeans and t-shirts.

We're aiming to wear dresses as often as possible - don't worry if it's not practical in the day, you can go for a skirt/top combo if needed, or have fun and dress up in the evening in that cockatail dress you never get to wear!

Feel free to share your photos in the group or on your own wall if you're shy, just have fun with it, and try something different for the month - plus it'a party season, so use the wall to ask if you need help deciding! ;-)

There are no rules, it's all about stretching your wardrobe boundaries, trying something different, and having fun, so just jump on in :-)"

We're also using the hashtag #dressember on twitter - and there's quite some chatter happening there too :-)

Please join us if you're interested, and spread the word :-)

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