Friday, 31 December 2010

Dressember Day 31! The Penultimate Dress

Just one more dress (repeat) to come - then Dressember will really be finished! How sad is that!

Another new addition to the wardrobe, picked up in New Look earlier in the week.

Dress: Apricot @ New Look
Top: M&S
Boots: Office (ebay)

And to celebrate the end of Dressember today was "dance in a dress" day - so here I am singing to myself, and dancing!

I'm an enthusiastic dancer, I'm just not particularly good!

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Dressember Week 3 - The Winner!

By a clear margin, my party look was the winner from Week 3! (11/25 votes)

Thank you all for voting again - I'm hanging off for an extended "week 4" vote to take it through to the end - so probably sometime over the weekend (once I slept off NYE celebrations!).

The facebook community have decided we've been having too much fun to stop, and go cold turkey, so we're going to carry on with "Frock Friday"!

Dressember Day 30

Only 2 days to go, and a new dress! There's another new dress to come tomorrow as well :D

I took Rhian to the New Look sale on Tuesday, and she picked up a couple of bits to try on, and while I was waiting for her I was standing by the dress section! Needless to say I then joined her in the changing rooms!

This one was reduced to just £10, and is really comfy too! My sister gave me £10 for Christmas, so this is my present from her :D Cheers little sis!

Dress: New Look
Top: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Office (ebay)

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Dressember Day 29

Day 29! Day 29! Only 2 days left to go! sniffle!

2 days, 2 new dresses, and a replay of a party frock to see the New Year in with :D

Today's dress is fantastically comfortable, and that was just what I needed!

Dress: Ebay
Top: Dorothy Perkins

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Dressember Day 28

A repeated dress from Day 3, with purple accessories!

A bold colour choice for me!

I took Rhian shopping earlier, and so ingrained has my dress habit become, that I picked up 2 more dresses! whoops! That's Thursday and Friday sorted then :D

Dress: Sainsburys
Top: M&S
Boots: Office (via ebay)

Monday, 27 December 2010

Dressember Day 27

I can't believe we're so close to the end of Dressember!

I was briefly wistful for my jeans a couple of days ago, but right now, I wouldn't mind terribly if someone told me I was to wear nothing else but dresses for everymore!

I personally think this challenge has been easier to do in the winter - I'm a big fan of tights, I think they're fantastically cosy, and certainly I've been out in them in more snow and ice than I've been out in before (although we've not been out and "played" in the snow - it's just walking to get places!) and I've not been any colder than I would have been in trousers. Also, I feel, at my age, that the length of alot of my dresses would be inappropriate without leg coverings!

It hadn't really occured to me that I've got no dresses that are any longer than knee length, and most are above the knee (some significantly so! - S is most appreciative of these dresses!).

Anyway, down to the last 5 days - just 4 after today - I'm into repeats - so would anyone like to make a request? (comfy dresses only please - I'm on holiday!!)

Dress: Tesco
Top: Dorothy Perkins (I wore it with a black top last time)

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Dressember Day 26 - Boxing Day

Another day of eating and drinking - off to my Mum's today to meet up with my sister and niece. And this is my last unseen dress - it'll be repeats from here on in!

I was imagining myself as a 70's throw-back with the short length and flared sleeves - until my Mum said I looked like I was in a gospel choir! Oh well!

Dress: Tesco
Tights: Pretty Polly
Boots: Office (ebay)

Dressember Day 25 - Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

This was another ebay purchase - although when it arrived I tried it on and Rhian said "it's a sack, but a pretty sack" - so I have my Mum alter it! She put in 2 darts both front and back, to give it a bit of shape under the bust, and took in about 2 inches either side! It's a size 10!

My boots are back! I'd forgotten about them, and was surprised all over again when I unwrapped them!

Dress: Ebay
Boots: Office (via ebay)
Top: Dorothy Perkins

And, as it's Christmas - here we are! Mum, me and the girls - all ready for Christmas lunch! (in our Christmas slippers!)

I hope you all had as good a day as we did :D

And don't forget to vote for your favourite outfit from week 2!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Dressember Week 3 - Roundup

Time to vote for you favourite dress of the week again!

Which is the best outfit from Dressember Week 3?
Asymetric Hem Wrap dress?
Black Shirt dress, green sleeves?
Flowery Tunic?
Green Jersey?
Red Flowery Wrap dress?
Christmas Party LBD?
Black dress with purple accessories? free polls

Week 2 Winner!

The Turquoise Dress was the runnaway winner from week 2!

Thank you all for voting again :D

Dressember Day 24

Another ebay purchase today - it could do with an iron, which I did straight after reviewing the photos here! It is a Warehouse dress - unfortunately it's a little tight on the chest, but I thought it looked OK undone?

I was particularly chuffed to find this label swinging in it - I paid £10.50 for it :D

Dress: Warehouse (via ebay)
Top: Dorothy Perkins
Belt: Tesco
Boots: Barretts

I don't suppose I'll get a chance to post tomorrow, so Merry Christmas to you all - and I'll hopefully catch up on Sunday!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Dressember Day 23

Last day in formal "office wear" for Dressember - I'm back at work tomorrow, but it's another dress-down day, and then I'm not back until January :-)

This is a repeat dress from day 10, but I'm liking it better today than I did on day 10 - I like the red pops!

Dress and Belt: Tesco
Top: Dorothy Perkins
Broach: Evans
Shoes: Next

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Dressember Day 22 - Twirling Day!

Another repeat, worn differently! I'm quite surprised how dull this dress looks with black accessories!

Dress: South
Top and Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: under my desk at work!

Today was "twirl in a dress day" and the girls joined in too!

My dress isn't particularly twirly, so I'm going to pop another dress on in a minute just for swirling purposes!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Dressember Day 21

Oh dear, the morning after the night before! I was just tired, as I volunteered to drive, and there was only me and one other lady there who remained sober - everyone else was either walking home or staying at the hotel - I had a fantastic time though - I don't actually need a drink to dance my socks off (well, dance my shoes off - literally - my lovely party shoes are half a size too big, and I'd forgotten to put my "party feet" back in them before I went, and I need both them and heel grips to keep them on my feet!) I re-discovered the joys of dancing in flats (or stockinged feet!) though - and next time I go dancing I fully intend to wear flat shoes!

Another repeat today - but worn quite differently! This belt was my secret santa present from work - I was rather specific as to what I wanted (we give suggestions!), and it's the same as my lovely yellow one - I did give santa a choice of colours though - purple, green, pink, red or silver - and I think this was a fantastic choice!

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan and Shoes: Next
Tights: Tesco
Belt: Brilliant Belts

Day 20 - Christmas Party!

I completely forgot to take photos of yesterday's "day dress" - but it was my first repeat - the grey knitted harlequin dress from Day 2, but with grey tights.

So last night was our Christmas party - dinner and disco at a fab new hotel not far from us.

Reviewing the photos I'd wonder if I'd have been better with thicker tights - I think there may be just a little to much "exposure" going on here - and these photos makes my legs look radioactive or something!

I blinged up - my "bling ring" you can see in the middle picture is gorgeous, but fell apart the first time I went to the loo, and it was only as I was walking back to the table that I felt something working it's way down my tights, only to discover the whole metal plate holding the jewels had come off the band, obviously when I was pulling up my tights! Cue heading straight back to the toilet to retrieve it! I'm hoping I can fix it with a blob of solder!

I also went for "hair bling", which was very brave of me - I've never had anything to put in my hair when it's short (which has been most of my life!), and I've not had an alice band since the 80's, when I was growing my short hair long for the very first time!

Also, very unusally, I didn't wear my glasses! They rubbed on my "hair bling" behind my ears, and I didn't need to see as much as I needed pretty hair!

Dress: Asda - shortened (it was originally the same length as my grey one!)
Hair Bling: Sainsburys
Leg Bling Tights: Tesco
Ring Bling: Claire's Accessories