Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Day 20 - Christmas Party!

I completely forgot to take photos of yesterday's "day dress" - but it was my first repeat - the grey knitted harlequin dress from Day 2, but with grey tights.

So last night was our Christmas party - dinner and disco at a fab new hotel not far from us.

Reviewing the photos I'd wonder if I'd have been better with thicker tights - I think there may be just a little to much "exposure" going on here - and these photos makes my legs look radioactive or something!

I blinged up - my "bling ring" you can see in the middle picture is gorgeous, but fell apart the first time I went to the loo, and it was only as I was walking back to the table that I felt something working it's way down my tights, only to discover the whole metal plate holding the jewels had come off the band, obviously when I was pulling up my tights! Cue heading straight back to the toilet to retrieve it! I'm hoping I can fix it with a blob of solder!

I also went for "hair bling", which was very brave of me - I've never had anything to put in my hair when it's short (which has been most of my life!), and I've not had an alice band since the 80's, when I was growing my short hair long for the very first time!

Also, very unusally, I didn't wear my glasses! They rubbed on my "hair bling" behind my ears, and I didn't need to see as much as I needed pretty hair!

Dress: Asda - shortened (it was originally the same length as my grey one!)
Hair Bling: Sainsburys
Leg Bling Tights: Tesco
Ring Bling: Claire's Accessories


Pauline said...

For a "Christmas party" outfit your are spot on with the whole look in my opinion, you look great.

Jennifer said...

looks fab - especially the tights :)