Saturday, 11 December 2010

Dressember Day 11 - Not a ballgown!

Dressember today is "ballgown day" - or a the very least a "full skirted glory". Well, peeps, this is as full-skirted as it gets in my wardrobe, I'm afraid, and as it's Rhian's 15th birthday (I know, I know, I was, most obviously, a child bride - ahem!), and we will shortly be having a house full of teenagers, and I've been given strict instructions to "please act normal", I don't think a ballgown is the way to go!

But look at my boots!

Ebay bargains, which I have a nasty feeling are going to be ripped from me when S gets home, to be wrapped and put under the tree - so I'm making the most of them while he's out!

Dress: Tesco (I'm blaming Jemma!)
Boots: Office (via ebay)
Top: (under dress) Dorothy Perkins


Sheila said...

Those boots are wicked cool, Tat!

Anonymous said...

lovely boots

Anonymous said...

Thank you - I think they are wicked cool too - but sadly I predicted correctly, and they were whipped away, not to be seen again until Christmas day!