Sunday, 19 December 2010

Dressember Day 19

I lay in bed this morning at looked at my list of dresses (specially prepared for Dressember - I don't normally have a list of my clothes!). I had 7 dresses left unworn on it.

1 is at my Mum's, being altered, and I'm planning on wearing it on Christmas Day.
1 is in the post, having only been bought of Ebay on Thursday.
1 is earmarked for Boxing Day.
1 is being worn at my Christmas Party, tomorrow night.
1 is ready for work tomorrow.
1 is the purple silk number I had for Steve's birthday party on the 3rd July (if you fancied looking back through the archives!) - and it's completely inappropriate for any event I've got coming up - so I shall just wear it on Wednesday, which is "Twirl in a Dress" day - which is exactly what it is built for and was what I did with it back in July!

That left me this, rather summery, number!

Dress: Lipsy (via ebay)
Top: Dorothy Perkins

As I mentioned yesterday, this weekend was "Wedding Dress" weekend on the Dressember Facebook page, and given that mine appears to no longer be in existence, here are some photos of me wearing it back on the day itself - 3rd July 1993! It's been quite nostalgic looking back at the pictures - mainly wandering how come we all looked so young! (well, we were!)

Dress: Homemade by my Mum!

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kim said...

Hi~ Just found your blog today. Love your rate my outfit idea. The only thing I would change here is to use a top that is less contrasting with the dress. The black seems a bit heavy against the red and white.