Monday, 27 December 2010

Dressember Day 27

I can't believe we're so close to the end of Dressember!

I was briefly wistful for my jeans a couple of days ago, but right now, I wouldn't mind terribly if someone told me I was to wear nothing else but dresses for everymore!

I personally think this challenge has been easier to do in the winter - I'm a big fan of tights, I think they're fantastically cosy, and certainly I've been out in them in more snow and ice than I've been out in before (although we've not been out and "played" in the snow - it's just walking to get places!) and I've not been any colder than I would have been in trousers. Also, I feel, at my age, that the length of alot of my dresses would be inappropriate without leg coverings!

It hadn't really occured to me that I've got no dresses that are any longer than knee length, and most are above the knee (some significantly so! - S is most appreciative of these dresses!).

Anyway, down to the last 5 days - just 4 after today - I'm into repeats - so would anyone like to make a request? (comfy dresses only please - I'm on holiday!!)

Dress: Tesco
Top: Dorothy Perkins (I wore it with a black top last time)


Pauline said...

if it's comfy dresses somthig with bright colours and unusally combination please and maybe a experimant if your at home

Anonymous said...

I voted for this dress in the week 3 round-up but I love it even more with this top. Brings out the colours of the dress beautifully

Jules said...

Found your blog via the Dressember fb page and enjoying browsing through it. I'm trying to find myself fashionwise and you've given me some good ideas - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Pauline - thank you - hopefully today's combination is unusual enough! That's as far out as I'm going lol!

Zomermaantje - I like it this way too - definitely looks more colourful :D

And Jules - welcome along! As my info says, this blog is all about me trying to find myself fashionwise - and I'm slowly getting there! I'm delighted you've managed to pick up some ideas :D