Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Dressember Day 21

Oh dear, the morning after the night before! I was just tired, as I volunteered to drive, and there was only me and one other lady there who remained sober - everyone else was either walking home or staying at the hotel - I had a fantastic time though - I don't actually need a drink to dance my socks off (well, dance my shoes off - literally - my lovely party shoes are half a size too big, and I'd forgotten to put my "party feet" back in them before I went, and I need both them and heel grips to keep them on my feet!) I re-discovered the joys of dancing in flats (or stockinged feet!) though - and next time I go dancing I fully intend to wear flat shoes!

Another repeat today - but worn quite differently! This belt was my secret santa present from work - I was rather specific as to what I wanted (we give suggestions!), and it's the same as my lovely yellow one - I did give santa a choice of colours though - purple, green, pink, red or silver - and I think this was a fantastic choice!

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan and Shoes: Next
Tights: Tesco
Belt: Brilliant Belts

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