Friday, 28 January 2011

28th January - Frocking Friday Week 4, and an update from the week!

Frocking ladies, the things I do for you! Today was dress-down day at work, and I wanted to debut my skinny combats, so, especially for you, I popped on my one and only dress which didn't make a Dressember appearance!

The colour doesn't show particularly well in the photos, but it's a lovely "cadbury" purple - and it's silk.

While I had it on I was contemplating it's abilities to be my big four-oh! birthday party dress in March - and I'm planning on a lot of dancing - so I put it through it's paces!

I'll keep looking for another dress - but knowing that this is here as a back-up will take the pressure off somewhat!

Dress: TKMaxx

Last Saturday was the first 40th birthday party of the year - I wore my favourite top with the real metal halterneck bit, and I got lots of compliments :D

Top: TKMaxx
Blazer: Zara
Jeans: Next
Boots: Office (via ebay)

Monday saw complete re-styles for both girls at the hairdresses - very brave on both their parts, and I gave them a lecture before they went that any wailing would not be accepted, as, quite frankly, there would be nothing we could do about it after the event, and wailing wouldn't make it grow back any faster, so was therefore a waste of time. Thankfully both girls are over the moon with their new looks :D

and finally, a photo of Elvis, just because he looked huge (and a little uncomfortable - but he was quite happy like that for the brief trip he had out to the kitchen for the day!)


Sheila said...

That purple dress is GORGEOUS! You should totally wear that for your 40th in March!

I love the red top with the metal neckline too - that outfit is real rock & roll!

Aw, your girls look lovely! Elvis is awesome.

Alecia said...

Beautiful purple dress-looks fab on you.

Cute hairstyles for your girls- mine still refuses to have hers cute any shorter.

Elvis looks very huggable-reminds me of our big boy cat-OJ-he's 15 pounds and acts like a baby.

Cindy Elkins said...

You should have a photo of you and your daughters all three in cute outfits. Your daughters look so much like you!