Thursday, 6 January 2011

Another link

Sorry, I'm not getting a chance to blog so far this week - I've started working my extra hours which means I don't have any time at home without the girls, and so far this week they've needed all my attention!

I have some photos to share, and am hoping to catch up tomorrow evening!

In the meantime, the wonderful Imogen at Inside Out Style has some fantastically easy New Years Image Resolutions.

Don't forget it's the inaugral Frock Friday tomorrow - it's a far less daunting challenge than Dressember - so why not join in when you can :D

And finally, don't forget to vote for your favourite dress of mine from Week 4 - it's pretty much a one-horse race at the moment!

Hopefully pop back tomorrow with a couple of catch up posts from this week, and I vow to try and be a better blogger next week!

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