Saturday, 1 January 2011

Dressember Week 4 - Roundup!

And what a mega-roundup it is! It seemed daft doing just week 4 and leaving 3 days to cover seperately, so I've just lumped them all in together!

So here we have it, the final stretch of Dressember 2010, summed up in 1 post, and, as has become tradition over the past 3 weeks, it's time to vote for your favourite!

I'll leave it a week, then there will a grand finale, when you will get to pick a "favourite of the favourites"!!!

How exciting :-$ (please do try and contain your excitement!)

Which is the best outfit from Dressember Week 4?
Print Dress with black belt
Leopard Print with red belt
Denim Dress
Brocade Dress
Black "gospel choir" dress
Flowery Tunic with Plum sleeves
Turquoise dress with Purple
Green dress with Black
Pink Dress
Flowery Dress with Purple
Black Dress with Red legs free polls

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