Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Dressember Wrap Up

I was going to type up a missive about my Dressember experience, and my now absolute love of dresses (oh yes, 4 days into the New Year and I've already worn 2 dresses, and I can't see myself moving back to jeans/jumper anytime particularly soon - certainly not while it's still cold enough for woolly tights!), but I've just flicked through to Google Reader, and the wonderfully funny, incredibly stylish Amber has just posted a wrap up which says everything I was going to say, but so much more eloquently that I could have managed :-)

(I shall console myself with the fact that she is properly trained to write such stuff, and does it for a living!)

So pop on over to Forever Amber, and read what Amber wrote when she read my mind! Also have a rummage around the archives while you're there - my particular favourites are the odd boot shopping experience and the Florida holiday photos posts!

(I forgot to take my photo today, can you tell!)


Amber said...

Wow, thanks so much for the link, I'm really glad you liked the post - and if it's any consolation, I always think everyone else says it better than me, too!

Also, what I meant to say in that post, but totally forgot (all those words and I forget the most important bit!) is thank you for coming up with the idea for Dressember - it was just so much fun, and I really, really enjoyed seeing everyone's photos and making new friends. Oh, and wearing the dresses, of course :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Thank you Amber - it was much more exciting than I ever expected it to be - and now I'm really looking forward to frocking on Fridays!

Jules said...

Ooh, I didn't realise that you were the person who can up with the idea for Dressember - well done! I'm doing frocking friday and have already posted under my 'Facebook' name of Julia rather than Jules. I'm loving seeing what people are wearing, combining bits, accesorising etc...