Saturday, 1 January 2011

January 1 - Jeans are overrated!

How sad am I that Dressember is over! We stayed overnight at the party, and I took my jeans with me to wear this morning - and really, I'm missing my dresses already!

There is a new facebook group for Frock Friday so why not pop over and join us - it's less daunting than a whole month :D

I am liking the fact that my Bum is back (even if it is a boy's bum) - it's hard to show off buns of steel (ahem, lol!) in a frock!

Jeans and Top: Next
Tank: Sainsburys
Boots: Office (via ebay) (are you bored of them yet!)

1 comment:

OutfitsTwinMummy said...

Love the boots!

You (amongst others) have inspired me to start my own blog! It's very bare and new but it'll get there!

Happy New Year!