Saturday, 26 February 2011

24th February - a little early to the Leopard Party

The extremely gorgeous Sheila has decreed that next week is "leopard print" week.

I couldn't wait that long, and had to give my newly acquired via ebay top an outing on Thursday!

If I'd have tried this on in the shop I don't think I'd have bought it (£25 new) - I wasn't sure on the shape, and it didn't come with the belt. But for just £5 on ebay, and took a punt - although I nearly chickened out on Thursday morning, until both girls reassured me it was nice (a rarity - Kira in particular is a big critic of my, what she considers, "out of the ordinary" dress sense!)

I did feel somewhat as if I were channelling Chrystal Charrington (was she Dynasty, or Dallas? Dynasty I think!) - but lots of people made nice comments about it at work!

Maybe a red belt next time, to jazz it up a little!

And if you're an animal print fan, tune back in for my birthday party outfit after the 12th March. For the time being I shall just leave you with the teaser that it's fully sequined!

Top: Next (via ebay)
Skirt: Sainsburys
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

My new spring coat!

The lovely Aimee at Things a Boutique Owner Sees is now selling her wonderful blend of fashion, style and reasonable prices online at I am Boutique!

Since Rhian has nicked my grey trenchcoat, I've had my eye open for a new version, and when I spotted this I knew I'd found my new spring jacket!

Follow her on twitter (@iamboutique) for great sneak peaks of new items, as well as generous discount codes :D

Coat and Scarf: I am Boutique
Leggings: M&S
Boots: Clarks

Friday, 25 February 2011

Frocking Friday - week 8

Very comfy, but not terrifically exciting this week!

I had the day off work - took the girls to see Gnomeo and Juliet, which was actually better than I was anticipating!

We then went to the opticians for us all - I'd not had my eyes tested since I got these glasses about 4 years ago, and as the arms are getting wobbly I thought it about time I went and treated myself to some new glasses. I'd decided I was going to treat myself to some new prescription sunglasses too - but I was in for a surprise! My eyes have actually improved, and I no longer need to wear my glasses! She said I will probably still want to for driving in the dark, but I'm legal to drive without them again! I've ordered myself some new glasses with my new, minimal, prescription - but hopefully won't need to wear them much - although i'm going to need to get used to seeing my face without glasses - I've been wearing them since I was 21! Rhian's prescription changed as well, and Kira now needs them for seeing the board at school :-(

What I'm really, really, looking forward to is shopping for new sunglasses - I used to love shopping for sunnies at the beginning of each summer - which was knocked on the head when I needed prescription sunglasses - but now I can just buy cheapies the world is, once again, my sunglasses oyster :D

Dress: Ebay
Boots: Clarks

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Frocking Friday Catch up - weeks 5, 6 and 7

Week 5

Dress: Tesco
Top and Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Week 6

Dress: Tesco (yep, same dress, different print!)
Belt: Brilliant Belts
Top: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Next

(It wasn't until I edited the photos this morning that I realised I'd done basically the same thing two weeks on the trot!)

Week 7 (and I'm up to date!)

Dress: South
Top and Belt: M&S
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

And finally........

Little K all dressed up and ready for her school disco!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Pre-40's daftness!

I have been frocking on Fridays, I promise, and I have photos, which I will hopefully post shortly! With the extra hours I'm doing at work I've lost my pre-kids home time blogging window - I will be back, I promise!

In the meantime I'll leave you with some photos from my latest challenge! It's not clothes related, so shouldn't strictly be posted here, but it's cheering me up so I thought I'd share!

I'm now in the last month of my thirties, and I've decided to celebrate by doing something daft everyday, photographing and posting in Facebook!

Day 1 - skip down the middle of the road!

Day 2 - go to a shop in my pjs and slippers!

Day 3 - send an anonymous valentines card!

Day 4 - ride a kid's scooter around the block!

Day 5 - do a Riverdance impersonation! (my sister joined in - see how fast we were moving lol!)

Day 6 - do the twist somewhere public (that was today!)

More to follow, but there's still spaces on my list if you've got any daft suggestions to add :-)