Friday, 25 February 2011

Frocking Friday - week 8

Very comfy, but not terrifically exciting this week!

I had the day off work - took the girls to see Gnomeo and Juliet, which was actually better than I was anticipating!

We then went to the opticians for us all - I'd not had my eyes tested since I got these glasses about 4 years ago, and as the arms are getting wobbly I thought it about time I went and treated myself to some new glasses. I'd decided I was going to treat myself to some new prescription sunglasses too - but I was in for a surprise! My eyes have actually improved, and I no longer need to wear my glasses! She said I will probably still want to for driving in the dark, but I'm legal to drive without them again! I've ordered myself some new glasses with my new, minimal, prescription - but hopefully won't need to wear them much - although i'm going to need to get used to seeing my face without glasses - I've been wearing them since I was 21! Rhian's prescription changed as well, and Kira now needs them for seeing the board at school :-(

What I'm really, really, looking forward to is shopping for new sunglasses - I used to love shopping for sunnies at the beginning of each summer - which was knocked on the head when I needed prescription sunglasses - but now I can just buy cheapies the world is, once again, my sunglasses oyster :D

Dress: Ebay
Boots: Clarks


Sheila said...

How cool that you no longer require glasses! I do miss buying sunglasses back when I wore contacts all the time.

Looking lovely in turquoise, Tat!

SHOEGAL said...

It does take some getting used to, going without glasses. I'd had glasses since I was 8 so to get lenses at the grand old age of 29 was weird - I'd never seen my adult face without glasses as I am so short sighted that to be far away enough from the mirror to see my whole face is to be too far away to see myself clearly! You have to adjust your makeup accordingly too.