Sunday, 13 March 2011

12th March - Party Special!

Hey, I'm 40! I had a party! I wore sequinned zebra print!

I saw this dress in the Next sale at the beginning of last year - £40, reduced from £90. I tried it on, I loved it, I couldn't justify it - I had no events planned, and it was a little expensive and daring to just hang in my wardrobe!

So this year I was planning my party, and, as you can imagine, one of the top things on my list was to find a frock! I scoured ebay, and purchased a beautiful brocade strapless dress with a tulip bottom, in plain black. It's lovely.

Then, when scouring ebay (as I do on an occasional basis when I've nothing better to do!) I randomly typed in "Dress Next size 10", and up popped *the* zebra dress! 21 minutes to go, no bids, £15 starting price.

It was fate! and 21 minutes later it was mine, for the starting price :D:D

I felt amazing in it all evening - I glittered and sparkled my party away :D

Dress and Shoes: Next


Spiragirl said...

You looked fab! :-) said...

Happy 40th B-day!!! That is a great dress!!

I am turning 41 in 2 days, and I can tell you 40 is fabulous :)

Pauline said...

Out of this world , 10/10

SHOEGAL said...

Amazing dress, just the thing for a birthday party. Hope you had a great night!

Kari said...

that is a fabulous dress! You look great in it!

Sheila said...

Holy smokes, you're sizzling hot, Tat! Happy happy happy birthday - you look marvellous.