Friday, 25 March 2011

24th March - Denim Dress

This dress was a big hit during Dressember, and was voted (by you, lovely readers!) as the best dress from week 3 (which reminds me, I promised you a best of the best vote, didn't I?!).

I re-discovered it last week during a bit of a wardrobe clearout (2 black bin bags on their way to the charity shop!), and both girls said how much they liked it and that I should wear it again!

It's denim, so I'm not entirely sure it should be a work outfit, but I think it's smart enough you can overlook the fact that it's denim!

Dress: Warehouse (via ebay)
Top: Matalan
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Bracelet and necklace: Next


Sheila said...

That's a gorgeously cut dress, Tat - you ever get tired of it, please send it my way.

Anonymous said...

It's very "you" Sheila, and I'll definitely and it your way if it ever leaves my wardrobe :-).

I think you can actually tell it's a relatively expensive dress (for me lol!)- I picked it up on eBay for an inconsequential amount, but the tags said £90.