Friday, 15 April 2011

I've been featured.....

I was extremely surprised, but very flattered to be asked to offer my "stylish thoughts" by the lovely Imogen from Inside Out Style - and this week was my turn to be featured!

Imogen's website is a fantastic resource for anyone trying to work out what to wear to flatter your figure - she has many posts about different body shapes, what will work, what won't, what accessories, what hairstyles - it's an absolute gem of a site :-)

And I'm featured just here!

Thanks for asking me Imogen!

Frocking Friday - Spotty!

I'm going spotty for Frocking Friday this week! I was trying to work out why I looked so pale - then remembered I'd taken the pictures after work today, so my lipstick had worn off!

Dress and Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Broach: Evans
Shoes: Next

14th April - New Skirt

Shocking pictures today - I'm not sure what went wrong!

I've been trying to increase my summer skirt collection via ebay, and this was one of my recent purchases - I'm really pleased with it - when I received it it was ironed flat, but it is actually a puffball shape and the bottom, but with closed pleats at the top, so it's a beautiful shape.

Skirt: Ebay
Shoes: Next
Top: M&S
Big Girl looking studious in the gap in my arm: Model's own :-)

13th April - Black and Flippy!

Another relatively quiet day in the office for me again today, and the weather was forecast for cooler, so went with the flippy skirted dress again. I love the way it flips about :-)

Dress: Next
Shoes: M&S

12th April - Black and Greeny/Blue!

We had an "away day" at work today, and I decided for to wear something comfy, as I knew there'd be a lot of sitting around listening to people speak.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Beads, Cardi and Shoes: Next
Belt: Dorothy Perkins

11th April - Print and Belt

Monday again! Return of an old favourite - it's first outing this year without a long-sleeved top underneath!

Also the first blog outing of my new necklace - I've been hankering after this for a long time - a necklace with initials of both girls on it - and my Mum and Sister gave me some money for my birthday, so this was the time! I found the beautiful Silver By Mail website - and I could have spent my life savings there :D A few people have been a little confused, and have asked if my hubby is called Richard! I have explained that no, these are the initial of my girls! I have also ordered a bracelet length chain, so I can put the initials onto it if I fancy a change.

Dress: South
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Belt: M&S

Friday, 8 April 2011

Help Shoeperwoman - please

The incredible Amber is having trouble with someone trying to take over her Shoeperwoman brand - please take a moment to read her post and help her anyway you can.

8th April - Frocking Friday

Frocking Friday lives on - although I'm seriously suffering with ISWD! (Intra-seasonal wardrobe disorder!) The weather has been fantastic here the last couple of days - temperatures right up in the 20's - but I'm not ready to lose the tights just yet! I love the simplicity of plain black legs.

Dress: Tesco (new yesterday!)
Belt: Brilliant Belts
Shoes: M&S
Flower: Sainsburys
Sunnies: TKMaxx

8th April - Politically Correct!

We got word on Tuesday that there would be some very senior politicians visiting our hospital on Wednesday, so I decided to dress for all occasions!

I covered all bases - Blue for Conservative, Yellow for the Lib dems, and Red just so Labour didn't feel left out!

It was very exciting, although I didn't get to meet David Cameron (Prime Minister) and Nick Clegg (Deputy Prime Minister), a lot of my colleagues did - I know all the people in the pictures here :-)

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Belt: Brilliant Belts
Cardi: Zara
Shirt: Next
Shoes: Clarks
Broach: Evans

Friday, 1 April 2011

Frocking Friday - Grey and Red

Please excuse the damp patch in the first photo - I put the dress on and noticed it had a mark on it, so gave it a quick scrub, as I was too late to choose anything else to wear! It did dry out :-)

Dress: Asda
Top and Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Necklace: Matalan

31st March - Leopard Frills!

I'm going to blame Sheila again - more Leopard Print!!

S had left the house ridiculously early last Saturday morning, waking me up on his way out, so I gravitated to ebay on my iphone!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, nobody else seemed to be bidding at 7.10 am on a Saturday, so I picked up this and another dress, for under £5, including p&p :-)

I'd picked up this one several times in Next before Christmas, but decided I didn't like it enough to spend £25, but for £1.99 I was more than happy! (and actually I like it enough now it's on I think I probably would have spent £25 had I ever tried it on!) (I would also like to point out that it's only see through in the photos, in real-life you actually can't see my bra!).

Dress: Next (via ebay)
Shoes: M&S