Friday, 1 April 2011

31st March - Leopard Frills!

I'm going to blame Sheila again - more Leopard Print!!

S had left the house ridiculously early last Saturday morning, waking me up on his way out, so I gravitated to ebay on my iphone!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, nobody else seemed to be bidding at 7.10 am on a Saturday, so I picked up this and another dress, for under £5, including p&p :-)

I'd picked up this one several times in Next before Christmas, but decided I didn't like it enough to spend £25, but for £1.99 I was more than happy! (and actually I like it enough now it's on I think I probably would have spent £25 had I ever tried it on!) (I would also like to point out that it's only see through in the photos, in real-life you actually can't see my bra!).

Dress: Next (via ebay)
Shoes: M&S

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