Sunday, 1 May 2011

Dropping in for the Royal Wedding

It's been a while (we're going Internet free for a couple of weeks, except for whatever I can do through my iPhone, so I'm a little bit limited!) but a didn't want to let the occasion of a Royal Wedding, on a Frocking Friday, pass by my blog without a post.

Back in Dressember we had a Wedding Dress day, but my wedding dress had, according to my Mum, been thrown out during a clear out, she thought.

We went over to her house to watch the wedding with her and her neighbour (who I grew up with), and after the ceremony I decided to go into her loft myself and see what I could find!

It was there! Yellowing and crumpled, but very much still in existence! Also in the suitcase was my sister's bridesmaid dress (liberty print, don't ya know!) and her silk flowers.

Obligatory early 90's big bottom bow!

Please bear in mind Kira is 11, and my sister was 20 when she wore this!