Wednesday, 22 June 2011

22nd June - Inspired by Melody

An online friend of mine, Melody, decided to try the longer short look earlier in the year, and a couple of days later I saw these in Tesco, and for just £6 I figured that they were worth a punt.

I've tried them on several times, but never actually worn them out - mainly because they are just too big for me on the hips. Today I tried them with the longer top, which disguised the excess material on the hips, and Kira admired them (which is saying something - she's usually very sniffy about my outfits, especially if they're anything she would consider out-of-the-ordinary!), so out of the house they went!

Top: Sainsburys (sorry Sheila, it's a Cheater!)
Shorts: Tesco
Shoes: New Look (gifted)


Pauline said...

Wow just look at you, you made this look really work a lot better than I have done,

Cat said...

I really like this outfit! I've never done the smart shorts thing either, but it's a fantastic look for you - very stylish.

Anonymous said...

I love black and white but the capris are really not the best look for you. I would change those out for regular pants with a wider leg cut (not narrow).