Friday, 15 July 2011

Frocking Friday - Week 28! and a catch up

This week my biggest girl has been on work experience, and took the opportunity to raid my working wardrobe! She looked so much better than I do in my dresses I may not ask for them back!

Dress: Asda

On Tuesday I made the terrible mistake of wearing flats, and standing next to her in heels. I'm 5 ft 6 - she's about 5 ft 8, and still growing!


Dress: Monsoon - via ebay


Dress: New Look - via ebay
Shoes: New Look - gifted

and finally today was week 28 of Frocking Fridays, and I re-worked my tesco bargain dress. I felt very french all day - we had a dress down day to raise money for some girls at work who had cycled 320 miles from London to Paris in 4 days to raise money for MacMillan.

Dress: Tesco

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