Saturday, 12 November 2011

Frocking Friday!

It was Friday, I frocked, and I actually remembered to take a photo! I'm going to have to start using the proper camera again soon, the iPhone 3G camera really isn't very clever, especially in low light! Apologies!

I spent last night dusting off the dressember face book page as it's nearly time to Dress-Up for the whole month of December once more :-D. Click on the link if you're interested in joining in!

And, once more, with kittens....


Kari said...

Where is the link for dressing up? I love this color on you. Very vibrant.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kari :-). The facebook link for Dressember should be top left on the full web version - let me know if you can't see it and I'll do a full post about it when I'm next updating from my laptop rather than my phone and I can add links! It's great fun, with a lovely group of ladies (and a couple of gents) posting daily photos of some gorgeous frocks!