Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Twas the Night before Dressember.....

Well, it was the day before Dressember, but that wouldn't relate to the lovely traditional Christmas story quite so well, would it!

To counteract the forthcoming month of dresses, I decided to go androgonous today!

Trousers: Next

Shirt and Tank: Sainsburys

Shoes: Clarks

Things are really hotting up on the Dressember front - we've been tweeting vigourously using #Dressember, and we've had a number of celebrity re-tweets :D

This is the fantastic new logo, designed by the very talented Alexandra King, and I'm so proud of the concept and the way people are joining in this year - I await to see how many people actually post photos tomorrow, I'm anticipating around 40, but there are nearly 600 people who have "liked" the page, and the chat is great! We are also producing pin badges in 5 different Alexandra designs, so we can identify other Dressember-ers if we pass in the street!

Is anyone planning on joining in? (even if just for a little bit?)

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